Brief details of David Edwards' career as an Engineer

I graduated with an Honours degree in Engineering in 1973.

I only worked for the Navy Department for 9 months. Six months was spent at Campbell Park in Canberra, and then 3 months at Garden Island Dockyard in Sydney.

This job entailed designing, constructing, testing and then writing articles about a wide variety of electronic equipment, ranging from electric trains through  toys, hi fi equipment to microprocessors.

The highlight of my time at "Electronics Australia" was meeting and very quickly becoming engaged to Kerry, whom I married on 1 February 1975.

At CSIRO, my main responsibility was the maintenance, repair and calibration of the scientific equipment on RV Franklin.

RV Franklin near Tasman Island

I participated in many cruises, and had much fun while performing serious work.

Steve Scott’s underwater camera system controlled by a microprocessor
based timer that I designed and constructed in 1995.

·        1998 - 2002 Senior Electrical Engineer, ERICO Lightning Technologies, Hobart TAS

At ERICO, I designed a range of Surge Filters. The specs can be found at:

I also performed lightning and surge protection surveys throughout Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

·        2002 - 2006 Lecturer and Senior Research Engineer, University of Tasmania, Hobart TAS

I lectured in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the School of Engineering, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology at the University of Tasmania, Hobart Campus.

I also developed custom instrumentation to measure the resistance of large parallel connected water cooled cables. This system is now being sold commercially.

Water Cooled Cable Measurement System (WCCMS) instrumentation.
A 3 phase system has 3 Current measuring Units (CMU).

Current Sense Units (CSU’s) and Calibration Jig

·        2006 - present Applications Engineer, GridSense, Meadowbank NSW

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