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The Waterworks Valley Landcare Group is an incorporated association, providing landcare services in the Sandy Bay Rivulet catchment. Our management area is mainly the catchment area along the length of Waterworks Road. View a map of our managment area here.


  1. To work co-operatively with local government, government departments, industry and the community to achieve sustainable land use.
  2. To increase awareness about land and water degradation and its control and prevention.
  3. To promote and encourage the environmental care ethic in school children by involving schools in WVLG activities.
  4. To promote and encourage an environmental care ethic in the general community and to organise social activities for this purpose for the whole community.
  5. To research, plan, practice, co-ordinate and develop all aspects of training of persons to monitor biological indicators to measure the "health" of an area.
  6. To obtain money for all the above purposes through self funding, the Natural Heritage Trust, other government program funding, community fund-raising and sponsorship.
  7. To work with all stakeholders to reverse land and water degradation problems.

Office Bearers

     Craig Airey, 166 Waterworks Road, Dynnyrne TAS 7005 phone 6223 7473
     email: Craig Airey
     Suzanne Lockhart
     email: wvlg email
Treasurer and Public Officer:
     Dave Graddon 152 Waterworks Road, Dynnyrne TAS 7005 phone 6230 5532
     email: Dave Graddon


Working Bees and other activities are normally held on the first Sunday in each month, commencing at 10am.
General meetings are usually held at 152 Waterworks Road, Dynnyrne at 8pm on the second Monday of each month.

The schedule for 2006 is given below:

  • Sun 7 May weeding at old site - 56 Waterworks Road
  • Sun 4 June planting at new site - below lower dam
  • Sun 2 July Planting at old site - 56 Waterworks Road
  • Sun 6 Aug weeding and maintenance at old site - 56 Waterworks Road
  • Sun 3 Sept Weeding/maintenance at new site - below lower dam
  • Sun 1 Oct Native Orchid walk
  • Sun 5 Nov Weeding/Waterwatch - old site - 56 Waterworks Road
  • Sun 3 Dec Birdwatch followed by BBQ at Site 2 in the Waterworks Reserve


Minutes of Previous Meetings

To view pdf copies of the minutes (and draft minutes) of previous meetings, click on the links below:

  • 10 April 2006
  • 15 May 2006 - John Hepper consulted with the WVLG on the future of the rivulet
  • 5 June 2006
  • 10 July 2006
  • 31 July 2006 - Annual General Meeting - draft only
  • 14 August 2006
  • 20 November 2006


To view our newsletters, click on the links below:


Membership of the WVLG is open to residents of the catchment area of the Sandy Bay Rivulet, and to other members of the public, who support the aims of the WVLG.


You can view a pdf copy of the WVLG constitution here

Certificate of Incorporation

View a pdf of the WVLG Certificate of Incorporation here


View a pdf history of the WVLG here

Intro  -  Aims  -  Officers  -  Meetings  -  Minutes  -  Newsletters  -  MembershipCertificate  -  Constitution  -  History

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